Video Safety Briefing for Electrical Labs

Welcome to Electrical Labs. Every student and staff that needs to enter the Electrical Labs is required to watch this safety briefing video and is also required to answer a set of questions. Your awareness of the importance of laboratory safety makes yourself become eligible to utilize the laboratories throughout the semester. 

  1. Please ensure that you wear proper attire. Slippers (flip-flops) are strictly prohibited, let alone barefoot.
  2. Read all the posters that you see. Blue: Important! Green: Information. Yellow: Caution! Red: Danger!
  3. There are several long information regarding the standard operating procedure (SOP), policy and officials contact numbers that need to be reached during an emergency. Please read the information on the wall. You may snap its picture using your camera and read it before you go to bed. Don’t let those information posters only become the wall decoration, but fill your chest (mind) with our safety procedure.
  4. In case of emergency that requires evacuation, … Make sure you know how to answer these three questions: Do you know all exit doors? The main exit can be opened by pressing the Press button. Other doors can be opened manually. Make sure they are unlocked. If locked, please report it to the lab person-in-charge (PIC).
  5. Make sure the EXIT lamp lights up. Do a simple test. If it is not functioning, please report it to the lab PIC. Make sure there is no obstacle along the exit route. If yes, please report it to the lab PIC.
  6. Question: If evacuation is required, where do we need to go? Canteen (café)? Toilet? Prayer room? That is a good question. At every main door, we have prepared the emergency exit route plan to a certain location which is known as the Assembly Point. Please refer to it at the main door. If not available, please report it to the lab PIC.
  7. In the incidence of (small) fire that you are able to deal with, use the provided fire extinguisher. Make sure you know the location of the fire extinguisher. Make sure the reading of pressure meter is normal. If it is used, report it to the PIC.
  8. The steps [in using the fire extinguisher]: PASS Pull-Aim-Squeeze-Sweep The fire extinguisher can only be used once. Right after using it, make a report to the PIC.
  9. In the occurrence of a minor accident that you are able to deal with, use the first aid kit properly. Every usage of the item in the kit must be recorded for the purpose of replacement.
  10. Be aware of the emergency switch location. If your friend got an electric shock, use the wooden stick properly. And don’t open the 415 Volt electrical panel without the knowledge of the lab PIC.
  11. After using the lab, please practice the 5S procedure for the benefit of all parties.
  12. Finally, every problem related to safety, minor or major injuries, please make a report to the officials within 24 hours. Any damages incurred must also be reported to the lab PIC. [We won’t punish you. The report will be used for incident prevention.]LINK HOTLINE
  13. That’s all. Thanks for watching. Please answer the questions in the Google doc (Google form) to test your understanding, in order [for us] to instill the safety culture at the laboratories.
  14. Please provide your name, and number (ID or phone?) for the purpose of recording and observation. Thank you.